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About Dr. U


Patients know they can trust Dr. U for excellent and reliable hair transplant results. He is no ordinary doctor. His exceptional innovations and life changing outcomes are the result of a unique personal story and a caring desire to make a difference for patients, even with cases considered impossible by conventional clinics.

Dr. U’s medical career started through humble beginnings in Africa. Since childhood, he had always wanted to be a doctor, and his drive for doing so was to make a positive difference for others. AIDS was his first area of interest. He got involved in research and presentations at world conferences. As AIDS became less of a mortal problem, he searched for another area of focus. Serendipitously, his hair loss manifested rapidly. After experiencing the errors of an antiquated surgery, he realized first-hand that the standards for hair restoration at the time were not acceptable. Therefore, he resolved to do something about it by entering the field of hair transplantation himself. His personal understanding of patients’ needs gives Dr. U the keen insight that inspired these several remarkable game-changing technologies:

uGraft for the efficient and effective harvesting of body hair as new donor resources for severe baldness and extreme hair transplant repair cases. First of its kind technology which delivers linear scar-free FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction in all candidates, including those with Afro textured hair. The world’s only ultrasonic hair restoration device for the most difficult FUE cases.


Dr. U’s Media Appearances

Dr. U has been widely recognized in local, national and international media as a leader and expert in hair transplantation, hair surgery, and dermatology. Below are some of the internationally and nationally recognized brands that have featured Dr. U’s products and services. Click on a story to learn more about the topics featured.

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Dr. U’s Medical Publications

The following are some of Dr. Umar’s medical publications on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), FUE Techniques, and other hair restoration topics. The links open a PDF document of the publication.

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