The Role of Empathy for Better AKN Treatment Results and Better Ideation in General

The significance of empathy, the awareness of how another person perceives or feels, is often underestimated. When there is a specific goal to be achieved, the role of empathy is often perceived as a secondary nice-to-have or considered completely irrelevant. But here, at the Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinics, here in Los Angeles, it…

Laser Treatment used for AKN Patient

Dr.U’s Selective Treatment Approach For Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Laser Treatment

For certain patient cases, the long-term resolution of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps can be achieved with laser. Dr.U notes that a common factor for the successful, long-term treatment of AKN is the elimination of hair within the lesion tissue which is usually the trigger which offsets the prolonged inflammation of the follicles. This results in…

Removing large Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps can be achieved through Dr.U's bat excision methods along with tension sutures

Treating Large Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Bumps With Dr.U’s Innovative Surgical Treatments

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, a chronic inflammatory scalp condition, starts off as follicular pustule and papule bumps and later manifests as different lesion sizes, residing at various positions typically in the nape area, also known as the occipital area.  Dr.U has outlined a breakthrough classification system for AKN lesions and proposes the use of specific selection…


Dr.U’s Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Surgical Treatment With Trichophytic Closure

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae is a chronic skin disease characterized by enlarged tissue lesion growth on the back of the neck, starting as small acne-like bumps which eventually fuse together into a singular mass. Surgical removal is usually recommended, especially if the patient’s condition does not improve with medication or laser treatment. Primary excision and closure…

Los Angeles patient is happy to be rid of his AKN, initially mistaken for bumps on scalp after haircut.

Los Angeles Patient Finds Cure for AKN Razor Bumps on Head at Dr. U Clinic

This Los Angeles patient complained of large bumpy growing lesions on what looked like razor bumps on head and neck areas. They were painful, itchy and often discharged pus and blood. A number of steroid injections were used previously at other clinics without success. Oral and topical antibodies were also unsuccessful. Worried about the growing mass…

The East Los Angeles patient shows off his new, AKN-free back hairline. No longer self-conscious of the bumps on head scalp, he is able to wear his hair as short as he likes without fear of exposing the hard simple-like bumps previously on his nape.*

Laser Removal of Hard Bumps on Head Scalp by Dr. U

Acne keloidalis nuchae is a condition categorized as folliculitis due to the aggravating factor of ingrown hairs which trigger an immune response, resulting in bumps. However, it differs from other forms of folliculitis due to the tendency of these bumps to resemble keloidal tissue and join together over time. The East Los Angeles patient in the…

This patient finally found a cure for razor bumps behind head with Dr. U in Los Angeles. Dr. U's unique surgical excision technique helped return this patient to his normal cosmetic appearance.

Walnut Park Patient With Razor Bumps Behind Head Finds Surgical Cure

The Walnut Park patient, whose case is detailed below, struggled with razor bumps behind head, which started to merge into a large, cluster-like abrasion. After many years of shameful discomfort enduring the cosmetic effects of this folliculitis, he was persuaded to seek specialized treatment for the AKN hard razor bumps behind his head by his barber.…

Surgery to Remove AKN Razor Bump/Large Barber's Rash on the Back of the Neck Completely

AKN Barber’s Rash on the Back of the Neck Surgically Cured by Dr U

Many men are dismayed to discover a large barber’s rash on the back of the neck. This circumstance becomes even more dismaying when they find out they have a condition called acne keloidalis nuchae, which refuses to go away. One such man from Miami searched almost seven years for a way to remove the AKN razor…

Surgery to Remove AKN Razor Bump Completely

Surgical Removal of AKN Lump On Back of the Head by Dr. U Clinic

Successful surgical removal of an AKN lump often results in wide, thick scarring on the back of the head, if the surgery is even possible at all. For this reason, many physicians will not operate to make AKN razor bumps disappear. Instead, they will attempt non-surgical medical management as treatment for the razor skin bump,…


AKN Removal Operation for Chicago Patient by Dr U Clinic

This patient suffered with pimples on the back of the scalp for 12 years before coming across Dr. Umar, and the AKN removal operation he was searching for. He had seen numerous doctors and dermatologists who told him nothing could be done to remove large pimples on the back of the neck in his case.…