Pixee Fox returns to Botched to show the doctors the product of her 200 plastic surgery procedures and her attempt to look like a "living cartoon"

By Julie Mazziotta
October 25, 2018 11:30 AM

Pixee Fox already has the name, and now she’s making it her life goal to look like a “living cartoon.”

Fox returns to Botched in the season five premiere to show — E! has greenlit a sixth season as well — Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow how she’s been able to transform her body with plastic surgery, after they declined to perform the questionable procedures she requested.

“Since last time I was here, I had more than 20 plastic surgery procedures for my quest to look like a living cartoon. Surgeries that I know that Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow would never, ever perform on me,” Fox, 28, says in this exclusive clip from the premiere. “This time, maybe, they can try to open up and see a little bit of my vision of my life.”

The plastic surgery fanatic says she wasn’t always into her looks.

“I used to be more of a tomboy. I used to be an electrician — I used to only do guy stuff — and now I’m transforming myself from a normal girl to a living cartoon,” she says. “I never really felt human; I always felt more like a pixie, fantasy creature.”

Pixee Fox
| Credit: E!

In the years since she decided to change her look, Fox has traveled all over the world to find surgeons willing to do the procedures she wants.

“Just in the last year, I have been all over the world. I’ve been to Iran, I’ve been to India, I’ve been to Istanbul, I’ve been to Korea, I’ve been in Dubai, I’ve been in Sweden, I’ve been all around America. Anything you can or can’t think of in plastic surgery; I’ve done it,” she says. “I’ve had more than 200 plastic surgery procedures. I have invented my own procedures. So I’m the only girl in the world to do an eyelash transplant with my pubic hairs.”

Fox has also removed ribs for a narrower waist, gotten a nose job for a “fairy” look, had her ears sown in to look like an “elf,” and more.

“I want to look like a cartoon pixie character, so pointy nose, pointy ears,” she explains.

Now she’s ready to show off her look to Dubrow and Nassif, and get their help to fix a botched fat injection under her eyes.

“I am proud over what I have achieved,” Fox says. “I think it’s amazing. I have a new face, a new body. It’s a lot.”

The fifth season of Botched premieres on Dec. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!.