Best Dermatologist in Los Angeles: Dr. Umar is a Board Certified Los Angeles dermatologist who combines his medical expertise with the most advanced and effective techniques in skin rejuvenation to help patients look and feel like their best selves. Some call him the best dermatologist in Los Angeles.

Consultation for crows feet with dermatologist Dr.U

This is a photo of LA dermatologist Dr. U assessing a patient.


Some skin practices choose to focus on:

  1. Cosmetic dermatology which deals primarily with improving the aesthetics of the skin
  2. Medical dermatology, an area of treatment and study that is centered on diseases

At the dermatology clinic of Dr. U, patients who have concerns with the outward appearance of their skin as well as getting treatment for medical skin issues are able to conveniently receive help for both areas.

Patients dermal fillers before and after photo

Before and after photo of a patient sought treatment for her deep laugh lines from Dr. U, a cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles.*


Dr. Umar also offers general, non-cosmetic dermatology using the latest therapeutic modalities to treat skin pathologies in both young and older patients, such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Seborheic dermatitis
  • Genetic disorders of the skin
  • Pemphigus
  • Skin cancer
  • Moles
  • Birthmarks
  • Cysts
  • Rosacea

Dr. Umar’s Research

Dr. Umar has published an array of research publications which illustrate findings related to his innovations in hair restoration as well as other conditions in the field of medicine such as AIDS and a rare condition, known as Sturge Weber Syndrome. His extensive research is part of the reason why some call him the best dermatologist in Los Angeles.

In one paper, Dr. Umar and his colleagues shed light on changes in cytokines (proteins involved in cellular signaling) as well as bone mineral density and bone turnover in women with AIDS. This paper was presented at the 13th International AIDS Conference.

In other publication, Dr. Umar and Dr. Glen present a case study on a patient with a rare skin disease called, Sturge Weber Syndrome. Individuals with this condition are born with a proliferation of blood vessels which creates a large birthmark on one or both sides of their face. The overabundance of blood vessels also occurs on their brain surface, causing neurological impairments.

Focused Attention to Unique Skin Needs

As a top skin doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. U is very committed to creating results oriented individualized treatment strategies for both cosmetic and medical dermatology objectives, setting forth the ultimate standards in patient care.

Healthy and radiant looking skin can be achieved by making specific corrections at the physiological level. Dr. Umar uses his expertise in dermatology to know how specific skin types will react to different treatments. And he applies this knowledge with the unique needs of every patient to make the right recommendations and deliver the best results possible. If cosmetic improvement is targeted, Dr. Umar is able to render amazingly natural looking changes. For many individuals, their experiences from his procedures can be life changing.

A cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles must be able to cater to a wide range of different skin tones and types, since Los Angeles is a city of immense ethnic diversity. Cosmetic laser treatments, for example, can provide terrific results when it comes to objectives like anti-aging, hair removal, and birthmark removal. However due to the high concentrations of melanin, darker skin is prone to scarring and unwanted pigmentation issues from lasers. Dr. Umar’s specialty in treating skin of different colors enables him to provide safe and effective solutions for individual needs. This is just one of the reasons why many refer to him as the best dermatologist in Los Angeles.

Come See Dr. U, A Cosmetic Dermatologist in Los Angeles

While the media and entertainment industries portray high beauty standards, it is understandable how many people feel that beauty and physical attractiveness have become an extremely high priority. Images of overdone results are perceived to be a consequence of society’s preoccupation with beauty.

Getting the Kim Kardashian look

This is a photo of when cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. U, was being featured on Good Morning America.


As a top cosmetic dermatologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Umar’s work defies common stereotypes of cosmetic procedures. He helps regular, everyday individuals achieve the subtle improvements they want while maintaining the integrity and balance of their natural appearance. This is certainly evident in the results and patient testimonies, many of which are documented in our before and video segments.

Because of his track record of successful outcomes, people come to see Dr. Umar from all over the Los Angeles area, as well as other parts of the world. Those who are looking for a top dermatologist don’t mind the travel.

Dr. U not only commits to his patients as a dermatologist, he is also a research oriented faculty member at the Harbor UCLA Dermatology Department as the Director of cosmetic Dermatology where he teaches and contributes his expertise in medical, cosmetic, laser and surgical dermatology as well as Follicular unit hair transplantation. The DrUGraft Advanced FUE method of hair transplantation is an innovative technique that he has helped to pioneer in the highly specialized field of hair transplantation. This expertise has helped him create a highly reputable dermatology practice in Los Angeles.

Hair loss on KCAL

This is Dr. U, known to some as the best dermatologist in Los Angeles, being featured on KCAL News on a segment about hair loss.


Most recently, Dr. Umar has applied these principles to reinvent the practice of eyebrow restoration. Patients now have the option of replenishing hair loss in the brow area with minimal risk of permanent scars. This procedure has been featured on KNBC news with Los Angeles medical expert and Emmy award winning broadcaster, Dr. Bruce Hensel. It is safe to say that Dr. U is revolutionizing the world of cosmetic dermatology in Los Angeles


The Office of Dr. U Los Angeles provides patients with a comfortable experience and fantastic results. If you have any questions, please fill out our consultation form or call us at 1800-499-DRUCLINIC (3782) to schedule an appointment.