Dr. U is a results oriented, board certified dermatologist with a long roster of happy patients. Through numerous testimonies, many of these individuals have expressed how thrilled they are with their clearer complexions, healthier, younger looking skin and their renewed image.  Dr. U’s life changing outcomes reflect a unique combination of skill, artistry and technique.

Dr.U acne treatment

This is Dr U Hair and Skin Clinic’s leading dermatologist Dr. Umar

Using state of the art technology, he gently targets the causes of skin conditions which reside in deeper layers cellular level. This is how he is able to create amazing changes on the outward surface. Patients are therefore able to experience real and measurable improvements in acne, acne scars, brown spots, fine lines, crows feet, large pores and other areas of concern.

Through minimally invasive procedures and little to no downtime, Dr. U even helps individuals make subtle refinements in facial contours like the cheeks, chin, nose and tear troughs.

As a world leading FUE hair transplant surgeon, Dr. U has developed new innovations that help patients achieve longer eyelashes and fuller, well defined eyebrows, producing the most natural appearance possible.

Experience the difference that Dr. U can make possible for your skin, beauty and overall confidence!