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The Evolve™ body contouring system by Inmode, a leading innovator in energy-assisted aesthetic medical devices, is a cutting edge, non-surgical fat removal technology. It is designed to help men and women achieve a sleeker, slimmer body shape using radiofrequency (RF) energy. Furthermore, this comprehensive system offers additional capabilities including skin tightening as well as muscle toning and building. Evolve™ fat removal procedures deliver highly effective results and do not involve stitches, visible scarring, or downtime. 

Using Radiofrequency for Fat Reduction

Radiofrequency, also known as radio waves, is a form of electromagnetic energy. It is made of both electric and magnetic energy which moves through space. When used for fat reduction (radiofrequency lipolysis), radio waves are applied as intense heat which selectively destroys adipose (i.e. fat) tissue, without harming the skin layers above it. This property makes it possible to get rid of unwanted fat without the invasiveness of surgical excision. 

Evolve fat removal procedures use radiofrequency energy to melt away adipose tissue.

Evolve fat removal procedures use radiofrequency energy to melt away adipose tissue.

Evolve™  Fat Removal Versus Other Body Slimming Technologies

Evolve™ utilizes advanced applications of radiofrequency energy which surpasses comparable systems that also use radio waves to destroy fat cells. A major limitation of many body contouring technologies using RF waves has been the depth of penetration where the energy has not been able to reach far enough to produce optimal results. 

Another popular non-surgical system used to remove body fat is Coolsculpt. Instead of radiofrequency, it uses low temperatures to destroy adipose tissue. However, a major disadvantage to this approach is a high risk of hyperplasia (i.e. cell proliferation) at the treatment site. This creates lumps which must then be removed surgically. The use of radiofrequency (RF) does not elicit this issue.

Evolve™  earns its distinction through its ability to exert radiofrequency energy much deeper into the subdermal fat region. The manufacturers of this technology have also developed another system called BodyTite™ which uses specialized hand-pieces like AccuTite ™ and FaceTite ™ to treat very specific areas of the body. 

Radiofrequency For Non-Surgical Fat Loss in Los Angeles

According to clinical studies, Evolve™ is able to outperform Coolsculpting and Sculpsure by demonstrating its general capacity to remove more fat per treatment session. 

Coolsculpting relies on cryolipolysis which uses cold temperatures to kill fat tissue. However, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reported that dermatologists assess this approach as being less versatile, compared to radiofrequency since it can only be used on very large areas, as opposed to more nuanced regions such as the neck, arms, and inner thighs. 

Sculpsure uses a laser to achieve fat loss through the application of heat which destroys adipose cells. 

Both Coolsculpting and Sculpsure have demonstrated the ability to reduce fat by about 22-24%. However, it is possible to utilize radiofrequency energy to outperform this benchmark. In a peer-reviewed study featured in the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy, 20 female subjects received fat reduction treatment using an external radiofrequency device developed by Inmode [1]. After three months, the researchers found that the average fat thickness reduction was 39.6%.  Although this sample size is relatively small, this result, in terms of being able to remove more fat than Coolsculpting and Sculpsure, is nonetheless worth noting. 

How Evolve™ Tones Muscle

Radiofrequency for fat reduction can also be complimented by muscle toning as well.

Radiofrequency for fat reduction can also be complemented by muscle toning as well.


Fat removal is oftentimes the key to reaching a more desirable body contour. But it is not the only factor to consider. Another important area, for many people, is building better muscle firmness and tone. 

Evolve™  has been uniquely engineered to not only help patients lose unwanted fat but also develop the underlying muscles as well. 

Within just a single or a few treatments, this technology applies electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles to a comparable extent as performing several thousand sit-ups or squats. 

These contractions help patients build new muscle mass, tone, and definition in their target areas. Body areas that can be effectively improved using Evolve ™ include:

  • abdomen
  • triceps (upper arms)
  • thighs
  • buttocks

Although Evolve ™ treatments offer an innovative approach for removing fat and helping patients build muscle,  they are by no means intended to serve as a substitute for exercise. Regular physical activity is still important for a wide range of health benefits such as:

  • improved blood circulation, metabolism, energy, sleep quality, lung capacity, and immune function
  • increased HDL (good cholesterol)
  • reduced insulin resistance

Likewise, Evolve ™ procedures are also not a substitute for a healthy diet.  Treatments are recommended for individuals who continue to struggle with losing excess body fat, despite engaging in regular exercise and consuming a healthy low-in-fat diet. 

How Evolve™  Tightens Loose Skin After Weight Loss From Fat Reduction

For some patients, body fat reduction may also be accompanied by yet another challenge to overcome, the presence of loose skin. The Evolve fat removal system offers the ability to help reverse this effect by tightening the skin. This benefit is possible for patients who still have good skin elasticity.

Loose Skin Following Weight Loss Is Caused By Collagen Damage

Collagen is a protein fiber that makes up about 80% of the skin’s composition. It is responsible for the skin’s firmness and strength. Another important protein component is elastin, which provides elastic properties to the skin.

When a person gains a significant amount of weight, the skin expands to accommodate this growth in body mass. Over the course of time, however, this stretching damages both the collagen and elastin fibers. And the skin then loses its ability to retract. 

According to a peer-reviewed publication featured in ePlasty, Image Analyser Study of the Skin In Patients With Morbid Obesity and Massive Weight Loss[2],  researchers studied the skin of patients who had undergone extreme forms of weight loss. They found that the skin is weaker with reduced density and thickness of collagen fibers as well as damaged elastic fibers. 

The general set of factors that impair the skin’s elasticity includes the time span of being overweight, amount of weight loss, smoking, sun exposure, age, and genetics. 

Evolve ™ Fat Removal Technology Tightens Loose Skin

Radiofrequency used by Evolve technology can tighten loose skin after weight loss

Radiofrequency used by Evolve technology can tighten loose skin after weight loss


Inmode’s Evolve™ comprehensive body contouring technology tightens loose skin. This is achieved by using radio wave energy to apply precise amounts of heat to deeper layers beneath the surface to stimulate new collagen production. 

As we get older, we generate collagen at a much slower rate.  This function eventually becomes increasingly reserved for wound healing purposes. 

During an Evolve ™ treatment session, the skin responds to the applied heat in a similar fashion as an actual wound, creating new forms of collagen to induce a tightening effect. 

Evolve ™ body sculpting technology by Inmode offers patients a holistic non-surgical approach for achieving a slimmer, toned appearance by not only accounting for the removal of fat but also the building of muscle mass as well as the tightening of the skin.  

Evolve fat removal procedures offer qualified patients a unique and effective solution for reaching their desired body contour

Evolve fat removal procedures offer qualified patients a unique and effective solution for reaching their desired body contour

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Frequently Asked Questions – Evolve ™ Fat Removal

How long does it take to see results from undergoing fat removal treatment with Evolve ™ ?

As a non-surgical, energy-assisted approach to fat removal, Evolve ™ is not a quick fix. New changes start to become more apparent at six weeks. And full results usually take about two or three months. 

Is Evolve ™ fat removal effective for anyone who wants to lose extra weight?

Non-invasive technology designed to remove fat is really not meant for weight loss, or again, as discussed earlier, as a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. Candidates should be within a general range of their ideal weight with the goal of achieving a slimmer body contour by getting rid of excess fat that cannot be resolved using diet and exercise alone. Although Evolve ™ is designed to tighten loose skin, candidates should also still have sufficient skin elasticity. 

When is it a good idea for patients to consider liposuction over an Evolve ™ fat removal treatment?

Liposuction may be a better choice for removing larger fat deposits. This approach involves making a small incision to insert a suction tool known as a cannula which physically removes fat tissue. Also, since Evolve ™ uses energy to accomplish objectives like reducing fat, tightening skin, and toning muscles, it is important to remember that the effects across individuals will differ. This is due to the fact that the energy will respond differently to different physiologies. If a patient is not experiencing the changes they hoped for, liposuction may be another option to consider to surgically remove the unwanted fat. 


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