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Conventional forms of hair transplant surgery often requires the patient’s head to be shaved in order to extract and insert grafts. But there are many individuals who would prefer to avoid shaving their heads so that they can maintain their regular everyday routines without anyone suspecting they’ve undergone any type of procedure. Long hair FUE, also known as Unshaven FUE (U-FUE) is available as an option if shaving is a major source of concern.


Long hair FUE is an option for patients in Los Angeles who are not able to take off time from work for their skin to recover from a hair transplant

What is Long Hair FUE

Long hair FUE is a  hair transplant method which permits patients to keep their preferred hair length during and after their procedure.

In a traditional Follicular Unit Extraction surgery, patients are required to have their entire scalp shaved as the first step. Technicians cut hair shafts to the length of short stubble. These shaved hairs are used as visual cues to help determine the position and alignment of the individual hair follicle units.

However, when the hair is left at its original length, it is more challenging for the surgeon to determine the correct angle and alignment of each follicle. Closer attention is needed to properly align the punch to accurately extract each graft.

During the extraction phase of long hair FUE, technicians keep the surrounding hair parted as the surgeon extracts individual grafts using a punch within the selected area.

The donor grafts are then inserted into the recipient areas by carefully creating slits in between the existing hairs. 

Individual Follicular Trim

In some approaches to long hair FUE, providers trim the hair shafts of the selected follicles in order to remove them more easily with the FUE punch tool. However, the overall process of parting the hair, trimming and extracting requires more time.

Alternatively, other practitioners may prefer to extract the follicles without trimming the hairs. But the downside to this approach is that the hair is more likely to become entangled with the use of rotary punches.

Dr. U’s Extraction Technology for Long Hair FUE

“One system for all FUE, including long-hair.” – Dr.U on his hair transplant system, the Dr.UGraft Zeus

Compared to general Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation, Long hair FUE procedures are more difficult and time consuming for doctors to perform. However, after years of observation, research and experimentation Dr.U has found new answers to overcome the inherent challenges of these surgeries.

By gathering direct experienced-based knowledge, he has developed an unprecedented advanced, patented hair transplant technology called the Dr.UGraft Zeus Used in conjunction with the highly acclaimed Intelligent punch (also invented by Dr.U), this all-in-one FUE system excels at all types of Follicular Unit Extraction challenges, including the difficult intricacies needed to successfully perform long hair FUE procedures. 

With Dr.UGraft Zeus,  the need for technicians to manually part long hair strands is no longer required. The design of the Intelligent punch also addresses other tedious and time-consuming hurdles needed to remove both the hair and hair follicle grafts from their skin environment.

[a smoother and more seamless experience for the practitioner]

Dr.UGraft Zeus for Long Haired FUE

Dr.U’s Intelligent punch is designed to accommodate lengthy hair strands while avoiding the problems of entanglement when using rotational motion. Furthermore, the Dr.UGraft Zeus central console includes hyper-specialized presets which allow doctors to select very precise movements needed to navigate  and score each and every graft.

Within an individual extraction, there is an adjustable array of three movement types (four movements total) to choose from:

  1. Clockwise
  2. Two oscillation modes (i.e. medium or high)
  3. U-Sonic™ for “gentle” rotation

These three options give surgeons unparalleled levels control over both the navigation and scoring process associated with all types of graft and hair angulation.

A “Responsive” Hair Transplant Technology For Long Hair Follicular Unit Extraction

Besides hair length and scoring types, individual skin thickness is yet another consideration needed to effectively extract longer haired grafts during unshaved procedures.

Dr.U’s Intelligent punch is not just designed to perform safe excisions, but also to respond to any and all types of skin thickness terrains. While many hair transplant practitioners  place their focus on hair follicle angulation, Dr.U has found that punch performance is intimately related to skin thickness, texture and  elasticity.

The Dr.UGraft Zeus  is the first ever hair transplant  technology which has considered the impact of the punch’s downward penetration force into the skin. Using  finely tuned presets, practitioners are able to exert deliberate control over punch’s performance by adjusting the U-Force within the particular skin environment of any type of hair transplant patient.

Ultrasonic FUE for Easier Unshaved FUE Procedures

The Dr.UGraft Zeus™ punch system uses ultrasound to soften the tissue around the follicles, making it easier to remove individual grafts. This technology is intended to be used as an adjunct to Dr. Umar’s non-rotary FUE punches. 

Again, the lack of rotation avoids complications with hair become tangled inside the lumen of the punch extraction device.

Hair Transplant Graft Counts For Long Hair FUE Procedures

With U-FUE procedures, the redness, scabbing and wounds from the hair transplant extractions and insertions remain hidden by the patient’s hair.  Longer hair serves to conceal the marks of surgery. This limits the number of grafts that providers can remove in one procedure. 

Some doctors will only harvest a maximum of 500 grafts in a single session. Others stipulate that if the donor count needed to meet the patient’s goals exceeds 2000, then the overall hair transplant procedures should be divided into multiple sessions.

FUE Versus No Shave FUE For No Downtime Hair Transplant

The healing and recovery time following a hair transplant procedure is strictly for the cosmetic improvement of the donor and recipient areas on the scalp. Patients are able to retain their mobility and overall ability to function.

After a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, scabs will form on the recipient sites. The reddish crust that develops is made of dried blood, secreted protein, and tissue from the skin. It takes between 7-10 days for the scabs to fall off. However, it can take up to 14 days for the skin to heal. During this time, patients often choose to wear a loose fitting hat, beanie or other head covering of their choice.

With unshaved FUE, also referred to as no shave FUE, patients are able to keep the scabbing and redness of donor and recipient sites adequately hidden by their own hair. Therefore, recovery and time off would not be needed for the skin to heal. Patients are free to return to work the next day.  

Unshaved FUE or Long Haired FUE,  Who Is It For?

The Dr.UGraft Zeus long haired FUE is a no downtime hair transplant, ideal for those who are constantly in the public eye.

The Dr.UGraft Zeus long haired FUE is a no downtime hair transplant, ideal for those who are constantly in the public eye.


Patients who feel strongly about being able to resume their normal day to day activities without anyone noticing a drastic changes often choose long hair FUE.

This is often the case for individuals who fulfill representative the roles of representatives in their careers. Therefore, they have to maintain the right image and appearance at all times since they are constantly in the public eye. Examples might include:

  • Celebrities
  • Public media figures
  • Sales and client management  representatives
  • Models, actors, actresses

Shaving their head would be drastically disruptive to their line of work. And undoubtedly the self-consciousness they experience would be immensely aversive. Unshaved FUE offers individuals an alternative to avoid these situations and issues.


A long hair FUE procedure allows women to continue on with their everyday lives without anyone noticing that they underwent a hair transplant procedure.

A long hair FUE procedure allows women to continue on with their everyday lives without anyone noticing that they underwent a hair transplant procedure.


Aside from work-related complications, there are also patients who are interested in keeping their hair transplant procedures a secret from their friends, family and even including their significant others, wives, and children!

One of Dr.U’s patients had one of those conventional hair transplants with the shaved head and everything in between. But he was not satisfied with the results. Months after his initial surgery, he noticed his hair was still thin, particularly on the crown and mid scalp. He was also left with a scar. 

Long hair FUE is an option for patients in Los Angeles who are not able to take off time from work for their skin to recover from a hair transplant

Long hair FUE is an option for patients in Los Angeles who are not able to take off time from work for their skin to recover from a hair transplant


“Can you fill in any gaps needed to thicken part of my hair,” he asked Dr. Umar as he showed him his sparse hair.  He wanted Dr.Umar to fill in the remaining sparse gaps

More than anything, the patient wanted to be discreet about his hair transplant surgery.  He opted to take advantage of  Dr.U’s Long Hair FUE  procedure and the technological advances Dr.UGraft Zeus hair transplant systems offered.

Dr. Umar realized the patient didn’t have enough donor hair for the hairline, temples, top and crown. The procedure required grafts harvested from the chest, abdomen and beard. A total of 4500 long haired grafts were extracted.

The patient was able to resume his normal daily schedule without anyone knowing that he had undergone a hair transplant procedure.


U-FUE For Men and Women

Men and women can benefit from the innovations the Long Hair FUE has to offer. Consequently, because women typically wear long hair styles, the Long Hair FUE may very easily be the go-to option so that they don’t have to shave their heads. The longer the patient’s hair is, selective trimming becomes a necessary part of the procedure.  Women with long hair can opt for partial shaving as part of a regular Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. Dr. Umar, for example, will shave a rectangular, horizontal section on the back of the head from which to extract donor grafts. The long hair above this area can easily keep this region hidden. .


Women can also benefit from long-haired-FUE procedures

Women can also benefit from long-haired-FUE procedures.


If you are interested in learning more about unshaven or ultrasonic FUE, use the button below to submit a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions – Long Hair FUE

How much does long hair FUE cost? Is it more expensive than regular FUE procedures?

Unshaved FUE does involve more time than regular Follicular Unit Extraction procedures. Therefore these procedures do cost more per graft, by up to 25 percent.

Do all FUE practitioners offer U-FUE?

No, not all FUE surgeons are able to offer unshaved, or long FUE. This procedure requires a certain level of expertise, skill and experience due to its highly specialized nature. However, the features of Dr. U’s Dr.UPunch Stealth and Ultrasonic FUE help to make these procedures much easier, as well as reducing the learning curve.

Is it possible to undergo long hair FUE for the hairline and temples since these regions are highly visible around the face? How can I disguise work in these areas?

Understandably, the hairline and temples frame the upper part of the face. However, the ability to keep these regions hidden often depends on the hairstyle of the patient. Obviously, with longer front lengths, it is much easier to conceal the recipient areas. However, Dr. Umar finds that by inserting a very small number of grafts along the very outer edge in separately scheduled surgery session can help address mid hairline and temple recession. 

What Norwood classifications are eligible for unshaven FUE?

There are no strict criteria for Norwood stages that would qualify for unshaved FUE procedures. Past Norwood 2, it may be harder to hide the recipient area wounds with longer hair in the hairline. But some patients are mostly concerned with the issue of shaving their heads, choosing U-FUE to avoid this altogether. The SDA (safe donor area) on the lower region of the scalp can remain hidden by longer hair. If hiding the recipient area with long hair is a challenge, patients may opt to keep this region concealed with hats or head coverings until they experience growth.

Unshaven FUE is discreet and effective thanks to the Dr. U Hair Clinic. If you have more questions, you can submit them by clicking the button below:


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