Patents For Dr. Umar’s Innovations

The Dr.UGraft™ System

The Dr.UGraft Revolution Console, which includes a fluid integration system compatible with the Dr.UGraft Nurture Handpiece, received patent US20140031839 A1 in 2014.


The Flared Punch (Dr.UPunch i™)

The flared punch of the Dr.UGraft System received patent US8876847 B2 in 2014. The hybrid cutting access of the unique punch pushes away attachments from the hair graft, enabling efficient extraction.

The flaring also enables a graft grip-pull-score-release mechanism, which further reduces guesswork in FUE hair surgery.

The Dr.UPunch Curl™

The Dr.UPunch Curl is a manual FUE instrument designed to safely extract tightly curled follicles. This punch received patent EP2939617 B1 in 2016.

The sharp, two-pronged manual punch is specialized for use in cases in which hair grows curled underneath the skin – such as afro-textured hair – and is strongly attached to the surrounding tissue.

The Dr.UPunch Stealth™

The Dr.UPunch Stealth™ is the first non-rotary punch for non-shaven FUE procedures. It received patent EP2838448B1 in 2016. Similar to the Dr.UPunch Curl™ above, this punch is also operated via a manual plunging motion. 

This punch, however, has a tip that is less hook-shaped, making it suitable for use on non-curled hair as well.