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Severe Hair Loss Hair Transplant Using Dr.UGraft : Because individuals with lower level of hair hair loss Norwood scale (categories 2-3) have lesser areas to cover, the amount of hair needed to cover their bald area in a hair transplant is minimal and within the scope of what can be derived from the back and sides of the head. Traditional hair transplant surgical methods which rely on these areas for donor hair will thus be a way to go. Those with severe hair loss or Norwood scale (categories 6-7) however, the scenario is different. These traditional donor areas cannot provide enough hair to cover their baldness. The result is that traditional transplant clinics consider them poor candidates for a hair transplant. These patients are told to either wear wigs, live with it, resort to comb overs or shave it all off. For these group of individuals, Dr U has solution by way of his revolutionary Dr UGraft methods.

About the Norwood Scale

The Norwood scale is a way for medical professionals to evaluate an individual’s level of hair loss. Patients in the beginning stages of depletion are placed in categories two and three of the scale, while those who have lost a substantial amount of hair are moved further down the scale. Category seven on the Norwood scale is reserved for those suffering from severe baldness either due to genetics or injury. The scale, as categorized from one to seven, is only useful for male patients. There is another way to classify women battling hair loss.

Norwood scale and solutions by hair loss hair transplant using Dr.UGraft.

Individuals in categories six and seven of the Norwood scale can receive severe hair loss hair transplants using the Dr.UGraft method.

Severe Hair Loss Treatment

Rogaine is not an effective remedy for severe hair loss.

Rogaine is not an effective remedy for severe hair loss treatment.

Those suffering from severe hair loss usually begin to research possible remedies after coming to grips with reality. During the course of research, men find that there are three forms of severe baldness treatment to consider:

  • Hair loss medications
  • Use of wigs and hairpieces
  • Hair transplantation

Hair Loss Medications

Although medications such as Minoxidil, commonly referred to as Rogaine, is an effective alternative for those experiencing hair thinning, it does not help individuals suffering from severe hair loss. Finasteride, much like Rogaine, is also a remedy that does nothing to help those with little to no hair follicles.

Use of Wigs and Hairpieces

Dr U patient disposing hairpiece after treatment using Dr UGraft

A Dr U patient ceremoniously throws away his hairpiece after successful severe baldness treatment using the Dr UGraft method*

Using hair-mimicking garments to cover baldness is a remedy that many turn to in an effort to quickly, but temporarily, fix the problem of hair loss. Hairpieces come in different forms and quality. Regardless of the type used, the practice involves a lot of maintenance due to its need to be refreshed regularly and reapplied.

Wigs and hairpieces are not believable in most, if not all, instances. Without a temple point and hairline, the substitute is easily detectable as artificial. Constant fear and embarrassment due to discovery is a mental burden that individuals who opt for hairpieces instead of severe baldness treatment cope with on a daily basis.

Hair Transplantation

A common, but limited method of hair transplantation is by the way of strip harvesting. This surgery involves cutting a piece of skin from the back of the head and carefully extracting hair follicles from the sample. Strands are transferred from the strip to the balding area as a way of treating hair loss. Although strip harvesting can be effective, it is not an option for those suffering from severe balding since hair follicles must be present on the scalp for the procedure to be successful. Dr U has innovated a much more effective severe hair loss treatment for men all over the world.

About Dr.UGraft

Dr.UGraft was created by Dr. Sanusi Umar to provide extreme baldness treatment to patients who cannot undergo traditional hair loss surgery because of donor limitations. The method involves an advanced form of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that cuts around individual hair follicles instead of taking a strip of skin from the back of the patient’s head.

Severe hair loss treatment using Dr.UGraft

Dr.UGraft by Dr U gives patients seeking extreme baldness treatment the natural look they desire.*


Results from FUE treatments are much more desirable than the effects of strip harvesting restoration that leaves visible scars and only partial coverage. Minor punctures are made during FUE hair restoration surgery that heal with time and leave barely noticeable wounds.

Traditional methods of FUE are effective for those suffering from hair thinning, but Dr.UGraft is better suited for severe baldness treatment. Here are a few reasons why Dr U’s method is so effective:

  • Dr.UGraft allows for efficient hair extraction from any part of the body. This method, known as Body Hair Transplant (BHT), allows Norwood scale category six and seven patients to have hair taken from their beard, torso, legs and arms to restore hair to the scalp.
  • Gentle pulling preserves the graft during extraction so more follicles can be used during restoration.
  • Wounds caused by Dr.UGraft heal faster than traditional FUE equipment.
Severe hair loss hair transplant using DrUGraft

Extreme hair loss surgery is a matter of technique that only the most skilled doctors, like Dr U, can exhibit.*


What Patients Should Know

  • Not everyone will qualify for Body Hair Transplant.
  • Conducting research before undergoing hair loss treatment gives patients a better understanding of what to expect.
  • Finding a surgeon with creativity and vision is key to a successful session of severe hair loss hair transplant treatment.
  • Norwood scale category seven patients should be content with results that resemble that of a category two individuals.

Severe Hair Loss Hair Transplant the Using Dr.UGraft Method Videos

Dr U has extensive experience as well as the industry’s most robust gallery of restored severe baldness examples. He has accomplished this using the patented Dr.UGraft technology, which he invented himself. The following are video examples of successful restorations by Dr U of severe hair loss hair transplant using Dr.UGraft system:

This patient has severe baldness, a category 7 on the Norwood Scale.
Dr. Umar had this patient's Norwood 7 treated with 10500 DrUGrafts to restore the hair on the crown and at the hairline.
Good medical Hair Restoration Surgery Tourism Should be For Reason Of Getting Better Care and Not For Reason of Cheaper Costs.clinics.
Venice Beach, Los Angeles Patient to Repair Strip Surgery Mistakes

A Celebrity Situation – Severe Baldness

severe baldness and society

More men, including celebrities (e.g. Jason Alexander and Bruce Willis) are finding acceptance for their severe baldness, helping other men in society follow suite. Nonetheless many Norwood 6’s and 7’s now have the option to reverse signs of hair loss through surgical hair transplantation, thanks to the ability of Dr.UGraft Zeus to safely harvest both head, beard and body hair.


Baldness affects all of us, even the rich and famous. Over the last few decades, very bald celebrities have either lost hope and learned to live with the hair loss, shaved it all off or resorted to hair pieces to conceal the problem. While some celebrities carry it well or actually benefit from the bald look for their specific roles… the majority of them wish they could get their youthful look back. Ironically the solution has been available to them by way of the UGraft Revolution. With a bit of research they most certainly could have been aware of Dr. U and his advanced severe baldness hair restoration methods. While the privileged rich and famous toil with mediocre hair fixes, the rest of us can take advantage of the Dr. UGraft!

Frequently Asked Questions on Severe Hair Loss Hair Transplant

Will I lose hair after a hair transplant?

The goal, as with any hair restoration surgery, is to provide the patient with more healthy and natural hair. Dr. U has innovated methods to provide a much higher success rate for severe hair transplant patients.

Do I qualify for severe hair loss hair transplant using the Dr.UGraft method?

If you think your hair is extreme and have been told there is no hope for you, you may be a candidate for severe hair loss hair transplant using the Dr.UGraft. Get started with a free consultation from Dr. Umar and start your journey down the road of hair restoration today!

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