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What Is the VeeLashe™ Pubic Hair Eyelash Transplant Procedure in Los Angeles?

There is the possibility to achieve fuller eye-lashes, without the lash strips, extensions, or prescription solutions, but on a permanent and lasting basis through modern hair transplant methods, also known as VeeLashe ™.


VeeLashe™ is a unique eyelash transplant surgery performed with Dr.UGraft™ technology which safely extracts pubic hair follicles as viable long term grafts. Once harvested, the pubic hair follicles are then implanted into the lash line.


Taking follicles from the scalp has been the conventional method for providing eyelash donor grafts. Dr. U has developed new techniques for achieving more natural results by including better-suited body hair to augment an individual’s eyelashes. The benefits of this breakthrough science of using body hair have been taken to a new level of performance by the preferential use of pubic hair as donor hair for natural-looking luscious eyelashes. In most people, pubic hair is the closest fit to natural-looking eyelashes and the most suitable for use in an eyelash transplant procedure. The procedure is called Veelashe™ by its developer, Dr. U.


By developing a patient qualification process, a unique hair harvesting process, and a unique implantation process, Dr. U has brought forth a breakthrough procedure to meet the rising need for fuller and distinctly longer eyelashes. Veelashe involves using the patented Dr.UGraft™ technology, which safely extracts body hair, preferably pubic, follicles as viable long-term grafts. 


Dr. UGraft™

Dr. UGraft™ carefully extracts kinds of hair, including pubic and body hair, used in eyelash transplant, also known as VeeLashe at Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic.


The Veelashe process is unique on several fronts:

  1. VeeLashe patient selection
  2. VeeLashe hair extraction 
  3. VeeLashe eyelash hair implantation technique
  4. VeeLashe after surgery care processes 



The first consideration is covered during the consultation. Here, Dr. U will evaluate the patient’s eyelash needs. After determining if the patient is a good candidate for an eyelash transplant, Dr. U evaluates all available hair donor areas to find the closest match for the patient’s eyelash. He is looking for the most robust hair that will give the most fullness along with the hair’s natural curl tendencies. Therefore, selecting, in the process, the hairs with the closest eyelash curl characteristics. He is also looking for hairs whose growth cycle duration is closer to those of natural eyelashes.


leg hair used for eyelash transplant

Aside from pubic hair, Dr. U has used leg hair in VeeLashe eyelash transplant.


The ultimate result of this selection process is that the hair that results in the least maintenance regimen is selected in a process customized to each patient. For most individuals, pubic hair meets this criterion. In some, however, other body hairs may be better.



Not too long ago, there were reports of celebrities undergoing eyelash transplants using pubic hair. The celebrity’s eyelash transplant results, featured on the show Botched, did look remarkably natural. Many women have inquired about wanting such a result for this reason. So what makes pubic hair the most ideal eyelash transplant hair?

What Is Pubic Hair?: Pubic hair is a secondary sex characteristic, representing a sign of sexual maturity. At first, it emerges as soft, fine, and straight. Over the course of adolescence, pubic hair eventually becomes coarser and curlier due to increased androgen levels in males and estrogen in women.


Texture: Arguably, the most distinguishing feature of pubic hair is its wiry texture. This is because pubic hair is ovular in shape in cross-section. This produces a buckled hair shaft to result in a wiry curled shape.


By contrast, other hair types have different textures and characteristics due to the cross-sectional shape of their shafts which are as follows:

  • Head hair has a circular or elliptical shape.
  • Eyebrow and eyelash hair also have circular or elliptical cross-sections.
  • Mustache and beard hair will also display a triangular shape when these shafts are cut horizontally.

The result of the ovular flatter shape in the cross-section of pubic hair is a ribbon-like quality that can hold the desired curl easier than straight hair with a circular cross-section.

Thickness: The diameter of pubic hair varies widely across individuals. For the most part, it tends to be thicker than most forms of body hair, including growth from the legs, chest, and underarms. And in some, but not all people, it can also be thicker than scalp hair. The advantage of a thicker caliber of pubic hair is that compared to other hair types, it creates a more noticeably fuller and better-defined set of eyelashes.

Using Pubic Hair for the Eyelashes: Some people want more than longer average-looking eyelashes. In fact, those people want to be as different as possible. From this perspective, having lash hairs different from what everyone else has is something to embrace. These individuals also find the length, thickness, flatness, and texture of pubic hair to create the ultimate distinction they want for their eyelashes.

Feasible Length: Since pubic hair is longer than real lashes but not quite as long as head hair, there is the freedom to enjoy sporting the length offered by pubic hair. They also have the liberty of trimming their lashes slightly shorter and creating the exact desired appearance.



Why is Dr.UGraft a must-have for pubic hair eyelash transplantation?

While standard FUE, Follicular Unit Excision, hair transplant punches are designed to perform sufficiently well for extracting general scalp hair, these conventional instruments produce a much higher risk for transecting other types of grafts, including pubic hair follicles. 

Skin thickness variations exist throughout different regions of the body. This will produce different degrees of tissue resistance for a given punch speed and torque, which causes the instrument to penetrate the skin with great difficulty or dangerously fast rotations. Such extremes in punch performance can damage the follicle graft.

As an Intuitive FUE hair transplant system, Dr.UGraft ™ adjusts for different skin resistance levels for the safety of the graft, incurring minimal to no transection. It offers the exact specialization needed for pubic hair extractions.



Conventional eyelash transplant is done to make the orientation of the implanted eyelash difficult to control. In creating Veelashe, Dr. U devised techniques and tools to enable better control of the implantation process. The angulation and natural curl of the eyelash are made to align better with the natural curl of eyelashes. 


VeeLashe eyelash transplant

With VeeLashe eyelash transplant surgery, the hairs are carefully planted onto the lashline.


Recovering from a VeeLashe eyelash transplant is typically uneventful and typically with minimal downtime. According to Dr. U, even though it is an eye area procedure, the Veelashe process is very nimble and less intrusive. For that reason, the inflammation, bruising, etc., is much less than one would have expected. Typically, in the first 24 hours after the procedure, a patient is encouraged to participate in the minimal activity. Following the first three to four days after the procedure, a patient will see small crusts around the implanted hair along with slight bruising.


A Los Angeles patient’s eyelashes stopped growing after using false eyelashes and were left with bald spots on her eyelash line. Results may vary.


The eyelids may be mildly swollen that will resolve in a few days. To protect the transplanted lashes, wearing makeup, mascara, or using lash curlers is prohibited for the first week. At surgery, patients shouldn’t wear contact lenses, and they are urged to wear glasses instead. Even if not prescription, Wearing plain clear glasses will help distract from the procedure in the immediate post-surgical period.


Dr. U discussed VeeLashe, eyelash transplant patient results.


The results are permanent. Eyelash growth results can occur within 4-6 months, but noticeable longer, new eyelashes are noticeable by the 6th post-surgical month typically. The final results can take up to a year.


Michelle's VeeLashe Results

Dr.U used the Veelashe method to restore Michelle’s eyelashes. Her Veelashe eyelashes transplant surgery results were longer and natural lashes.


Associations and historical anecdotes on pubic hair

Since pubic hair is associated with interesting folklores, feminine mythologies, and anecdotes throughout history, this mystique may explain the personal reasons why some patients, especially those who are strongly inclined towards individualistic, unconventional choices, opt for the VeeLashe™ procedure by Dr.U over general eyelash transplantation.

  • According to a compendium from the Middle Ages, called De Secretis Mulenium,  Women’s Secrets, pubic hair can turn into snakes and monsters during menstruation once heated and buried.
  • American folk magic of the 1930’s used pubic hair to keep their lover faithful by placing it in a bottle and hanging it above their door.
  • During the Renaissance times in Europe, pubic hair was used as an ingredient in love potions.
  • Due to its associations with sexuality and fertility, Italian physician Giovanni Marinello wrote in 1563 that the more pubic hair a woman had, the more likely she was to bear twins.

Thus for those aware of the historically sensual connotations of pubic hair, the ability to have it form their eyelash hair courtesy of Veelashe fosters a gleeful experience. This experience is repeated each time they groom, comb, curl their new eyelashes, or apply primers, gels, and mascara to create definition around the eyes and an overall visually appealing look they desire. These connotations carry through whenever Veelashe eyelashes are used as an instrument of communication.


Frequently Asked Questions – VeeLashe Pubic Hair Eyelash Transplant

Besides VeeLashe and the use of pubic hair, what are some other choices for eyelash transplantation?

Patients can choose any hair for their eyelashes, depending on the characteristics they consider to be most important to them. Important considerations, as discussed above, would include length, thickness, and perhaps the ability to sustain a curl. If you are looking for other choices besides pubic hair, other options for eyelash transplant surgery may include leg hair, nape hair, and scalp hair. Again, each donor surface would have its own degree of skin thickness. And the ability to customize the punch’s performance in terms of speed and torque would be essential for producing viable, healthy grafts that would survive along the eyelash line.

Can I use pubic hair for both my eyebrows as well as eyelashes?

Yes, pubic hair can be harvested and transplanted to both areas if this is desired. There is no need to select one versus the other.

Would a strip hair transplant be a reasonable or comparable hair transplant alternative to a VeeLashe™ procedure?

Although strip hair transplantation is the other choice besides punches through FUE surgery, it is not recommended for harvesting pubic hair. The strip method uses a scalpel to excise a narrow section of skin containing donor hair follicle grafts. This strip of skin is then dissected to isolate these follicles so that they can be implanted in the hair loss areas.  Excising a strip of skin from the pubic area would leave a permanent linear scar, which is why the use of the specialized Dr.UGraft ™ punch technology is recommended instead. Not only does it remove hair follicles directly from the pubic donor area without leaving visible scarring or marks, but it can also be adjusted to accommodate the unique skin thickness of this region to produce healthy, robust grafts.

How would I be able to curl my lash hair after my VeeLashe™ procedure? 

After a VeeLashe ™ procedure, your new eyelashes can be curled using any commercially available tool or method. This includes eyelash perming, for example. As opposed to a manual eyelash curler, which can leave more of a dent in flatter pubic hair shafts, a better choice might include a heated lash curler instead. Ultimately, you would need to experiment with different methods and even combinations of techniques to see which one gives you the best results.

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