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Body hair refers to the terminal hair that develops in different areas of  the human body and face during and after puberty as a result of increased activity of androgenic hormones. Body hair transplant ( BHT ) entails transplanting hair from non-head donor areas like the beard and other body areas ( Body hair to head transplant ) and grafting it into balding areas of the head. Doctors also sometimes refer to the procedure as body hair to head transplant (BHHT).

Furthermore, BHT offers an exciting solution for patients who want a natural-looking head of hair despite the amount of thinning or balding the patient experiences.

A History: Before Body Hair to Head Transplant

In the past, hair transplant surgeries required sourcing donor hair from the scalp. Doctors had no means of transplanting body hair to the head. The older methods had some extreme restrictions.

First, restricting the donor area to the head narrows the donation area to 5,000 – 7,000 follicles. That’s not much considering the average person has around 100,000 follicles on his or her head. Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hair shafts. In a severely bald person, doctors equipped with only conventional hair transplants that rely solely on the 5000-7000 head donor follicles can replace only one-tenth of the lost. This can result in thin hair, poor coverage, and unattractive results. Body hair to head transplant, however, opens up a whole new realm of treatment for virtually all severely balding patients.

Body Hair To Head Innovations
For over ten years Dr. Umar has used body hair transplants to restore and repair a variety of cases. His work has life-altering outcomes for patients who have been turned away from most clinics.

How much hair can be transplanted? The patient below is an excellent example of how BHT FUE can utilize a greater number of grafts. The patient had his thinning and baldness completely restored using Dr.UGraft FUE body hair transplant by Dr. Umar. Note how the hair and direction of the follicles gave the patient a natural looking head of hair while also recreating his hairline and creating density with over 9,000 grafts!

The crown and sides of the hair repaired by Dr. Umar with the Dr.UGraft

Body hair transplant results: the crown and sides of the hair repaired by Dr. Umar with the Dr.UGraft*


Body hair to head transplant with the Dr UGraft procedure

The top of the scalp of the patient after a body hair transplant with a recreation of his hairline.*

The patient below underwent a hair transplant using body hair to head to conceal scarring from a previous transplant. Overall, Dr.UGraft procedure improved the density of his hair rendering the scar invisible thanks to Dr. Umar’s work with Dr.UGraft.

Scar repair using body hair transplant with the Dr.UGraft.

Scar repair using body hair FUE with the Dr.UGraft method.*

Benefits of Dr. UGraft Body Hair To Scalp Transplant

The benefits of adding body hair to the donor pool of hair transplantation are as follows:

  1. It expands vastly the donor pool thus bringing into the fold of good candidates even severely bald patients
  2. It increases the choice of hairs available to the hair transplant surgeon seeking to transplant hair that would best mimic a natural character of the hair he or she is trying to copy. For instance, if it is an eyebrow transplant forearm hairs which naturally resemble eyebrows in thinness and shortness would be a better fit than head hair used in traditional transplants
  3. The growth of body hair is actually promoted by androgen which on the other hand are responsible for loss of hair in androgenic alopecia (Patterned baldness), so where head is is being lost, body hair would conceivably thrive
  4. Hair transplant repair patients with an unfortunate history of exhausting their donor hair as a result of antiquated procedures are given new hope for repair on account of the new donor source.

How Dr UGraft Body Hair Transplants Work

Body hair transplants require the use of specialized advanced FUE tools to ensure consistent success. Dr. Umar has perfected the art of BHT FUE with the development of the most effective instrument in the industry called Dr. UGraft. Dr. Umar has also developed protocol for performing the procedure that he has published in several medical peer reviewed journals.

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the method by which hair is extracted from the donor areas using a small punching tool that harvests follicular unit groups one at a time. The device leaves only tiny puncture wounds that heal with minimal cosmetic scarring.

Unlike basic FUE extraction tools, which cannot transplant all body hair grafts with consistent success, the Dr UGraft uses a sophisticated system specifically invented to enable a more successful extraction of all types of hair follicles.

During Dr.UGraft FUE, Dr. Umar extracts hair from the neck, back, stomach, chest, legs, or arms to create new growth on the scalp. This delicate process requires experience for the best results. When done properly, Dr.UGraft has a phenomenal success rate and provides better coverage than a basic FUE.

For example, the patient below underwent hair transplant using chest hair:

Chest donor area after body hair transplant

Example of the chest to head hair transplant using Dr.UGraft FUE.

The patient below is one of Dr. Umar’s best success stories. With Dr.UGraft BHT hair transplant method and over 9,000 grafts from all over the body, this patient regained full hair coverage and density that looks natural. The results exceeded the patient’s expectations and he takes pride in his full and encompassing look.

Before and after results of hair restoration using the DrUGraft

Body hair to head transplant before and after.*


Doctors once turned patients away from hair transplant procedures if a patient didn’t have enough donor hair on their scalp, but those same patients can now enjoy a full head of natural hair. The Dr.UGraft procedure and its hair transplant results offer a dream come true for so many patients who have felt hopeless about their hair loss.

The Revolutionary Dr.UGraft Body Hair Transplant Method

Before the method of body hair to head transplantation was developed, doctors often turned away patients suffering from severe balding from hair transplantation. Prior to the development of BHT, surgeons could only transplant hair already on the head. Out of desperation, some patients turned to less experienced doctors, or to the medical staff of dubious reputation. Today, modern medicine offers hope to men and women suffering from even the most severe balding thanks to the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) body hair transplant process.

As perfected by Dr. Sanusi Umar, the Dr.UGraft procedure offers patients an amazing, new advanced body hair transplant method. Unlike other methods of hair transplant, Dr.UGraft incorporates a subtle pulling action that uproots the graft as it cuts around the follicle, thus ensuring a higher rate of transplant success. Dr.UGraft method uses a patented, angled instrument called a Dr.UPunch. The angle of the tool allows for Dr. Umar to extract a variety of follicle shapes with ease, thus allowing Dr. Umar to transplant hair from anywhere on the body to the head.

Why Choose Dr.UGraft for Body Hair Transplantation?

Dr. Umar has further refined this method of body hair transplantation via FUE by creating the Dr.UGraft, a process that more carefully extracts the hair and preserves the integrity of the follicle while also expediting the healing of the scalp. Patients who have undergone the Dr.UGraft FUE have experienced outstanding results.

What makes the Dr.UGraft particularly effective for BHHT is its ability to accommodate various follicle angles. This ability is critical because follicles grow in different shapes–shapes that traditional methods do not take into consideration.

Follicles damaged during extraction won’t grow when transplanted. Dr. UGraft minimizes that risk. It can successfully extract straight, coiled, curly or wavy follicles without injury and deposit them in the desired location. This versatility to remove different types of follicles helps when pulling from different areas of the body, such as in a chest to head hair transplant or beard hair to head transplant.

The picture below shows the process of how Dr. UGraft moves in comparison to a basic FUE

The Dr UGraft procedure uses special tools designed by Dr. Umar himself

The Dr UGraft procedure uses special tools designed by Dr. Umar himself

Diagram showing the movement axis of Dr. UGraft method vs. other FUE methods


Arm hair has a slightly different shape and texture, as does the follicle. With conventional FUE implements, doctors rely on manual tracking of the follicle area. Unfortunately, this cannot guarantee error-free results. The ability of Dr.UGraft to pull at the follicle during extraction reduces the complications with graft removal.

Diagram of basic FUE methods vs. the Dr UGraft method

Diagram of basic FUE methods vs. the Dr. UGraft method

How Dr. UGraft pulls and removes a follicle in comparison to a basic FUE.


This makes Dr. UGraft the ideal method for body hair to head transplantation. Hair follicles on the neck or leg, for example, have complex angling beneath the skin. These follicles require a specific tool with the ability to accommodate those angles when transplanted.

The Dr. UGraft hydrates the follicle and uses the same suction to avoid clogging of Dr. UGraft tools and further damage to the hair follicle.

The unique design of the Dr.UGraft allows for successful body hair transplant

The unique design of the Dr.UGraft allows for successful body hair transplant

Dr.UGraft can slowly use suction on hair follicles and flushing the follicle from the Dr.UPunch

The video below explains how Dr.UGraft removes hair follicles from the body.

What is UGraft Advanced FUE? Results from FUE Hair Transplant

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Dr. Umar’s patented invention, the Dr.UPunch tool, makes Dr. UGraft procedure possible. It operates in conjunction with specialized computer software developed by Dr. Umar to extract each follicle regardless of shape.

The Dr.UGraft, as the picture below, shows the Dr.UPunch tool extended from the body of the mechanism.

Dr. Umar with the Dr.UPunch tool.

Dr. Umar with the Dr.UPunch tool.

With Dr.UGraft’s system, using the Dr.UPunch tool, Body Hair Transplant is more successful than ever before.


In addition to creating a more successful extraction, the Dr UGraft Punches also takes into account a wound shape that favors rapid healing. This has enormous benefits for patients who want a great head of hair with minimal downtime.

What are the Benefits of Body Hair to Head Transplant?

In advanced Follicular Unit Extraction, the ability to utilize various areas of the body for supply donor follicles offers a great benefit to prospective patients. Without the body hair transplant technique, many patients could not undergo hair reconstruction. Dr. UGraft allows for follicle harvesting practically anywhere hair grows on the body.

That includes the chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, and face. The beard, chest, and stomach, for example, can offer tens of thousands of grafts in many men. This offers a particular advantage for severely bald patients or those who need to repair botched outcomes from previous hair transplant surgeries.

The patient below received thousands of grafts from his beard follicles to his scalp. The body hair to head method of transplantation performed by Dr. Umar recreated a soft and natural hairline while creating a dense and natural looking head of hair. The patient called it a “transforming” experience.

Patient scalp prior to Dr U FUE body hair transplantation

Patient scalp prior to Dr. U FUE body hair transplantation

A Norwood 7 scalp prior to a Dr.UGraft body hair transplant by Dr. Umar
Before and After body hair to head transplant with the Dr.UGraft

The NW7 Scalp after Dr.UGraft body hair to head transplant.*

Video Results of This Severely Bald Patient After Dr.UGraft Body Hair To Head Transplantation:

Los Angeles Hair Restoration of of extreme baldness using Body Hair Transplant for NW 7: Dr Umar

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Many people wonder how neck or chest hair will look on the head. For best results, Dr.UGraft technique requires extensive experience to create a natural look. A trained and experienced professional, like Dr. Umar, know which texture and thickness look best in different areas of the scalp. The surgeon should also take into consideration growth patterns on the scalp. Dr. UGraft makes it possible to achieve totally natural-looking results when performed by an experienced surgeon.

Dr. UGraft Body Hair To Scalp Hair Transplant: The process

For example, Dr. Umar would apply softer hair near the hairline as it gives a natural transition between the forehead and the mid- to- back areas of the scalp. Dr. Umar understands how hair grows and how to develop a total body hair transplantation strategy with his patients.

Hair transferred to the head will continue to grow, so patients will enjoy a great-looking head of hair for years and years to come.

The patient below had his beard hair grafted to create a dense, natural look to camouflage the thinning on his scalp. Dr. Umar gave the patient the coverage that he wanted using Dr.UGraft and a beard hair to head transplant.

Before and after body hair transplant

Hair transplant using beard hair: The patient received beard grafts to mask his thinning crown*

Below is an in-depth video of the patient after four surgeries and receiving 25,000 grafts from the head, nape, beard, and chest, creating a natural and fuller looking head of hair. Dr. UGraft BHT FUE and Dr. Umar changed this patient’s life.

Impossible hair restoration using Body hair transplant for severe baldness – 25,000 grafts

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The 6 Main Benefits of Dr.UGraft Body Hair Transplant:

  1. It services the severely bald (including baldness caused by advanced androgenetic alopecia, extensive scarring of the scalp from an accident, or previous surgical mistakes)
  2. Minimally invasive
  3. No staples, stitches, or other surgical sutures necessary
  4. Offers a quick recovery time (donor site scabbing typically heals within seven days)
  5. Leaves minimal scarring
  6. It is the best option for those in need of natural-looking eyebrow and eyelash transplantation

Botched Hair Transplant? How Dr. UGraft BHT Can Help

Preparing for a hair transplant – both emotionally and financially—only to end up with dreadful results can have a devastating effect. This happens most often when patients don’t properly research the surgeon or options available to them.

Inexperienced surgeons performing outdated hair transplant methods will always take money from patients without considering the outcome. These procedures can lead to severe scarring and spotty, “pluggy” results.

Sometimes, even in the hands of the best surgeon, scars can manifest. The good news is that these bad procedures can be corrected under the proper guidance of an experienced surgeon.

Even better, Dr. UGraft body hair to head transplant has especially extraordinary results in these circumstances, giving patients a clean slate and a return to normalcy.

The patient below had his thinning hairline replaced by the advanced FUE procedure, Dr.UGraft method, performed by Dr. Umar. Using hair from the beard and chest, Dr. Umar gave the patient density and a fuller head of hair.

Remarkable results of body hair to head transplant with the Dr.UGraft

It’s clear that Dr. Umar’s patient got unbelievable results through body hair transplant with Dr.UGraft procedure.*

The Art of Body Hair Transplant with Dr.UGraft

Some might feel self-conscious about a sparse, unnatural hairline, though BHT can also address these issues. The finer texture of leg hair creates a softer, more natural hairline. Some patients have been stuck with hairpieces and hair concealment products that mask the disfigurement they’ve suffered—an impractical solution, to say the least. These patients also often worry that others will notice their thinning hair or baldness at the beach, or at dinner. With BHT and the Dr.UGraft, that insecurity evaporates.

A body to head hair transplant can employ more than 20,000 grafts from all over the body, to fill in otherwise untreatable scars from botched procedures. Whatever the degree of repair needed, hair restoration using body follicles has changed the lives of countless patients.

How Dr.UGraft BHT is Becoming a Global Donor Resource

A pioneer in the body hair transplant method, Dr. Umar is regarded as one of the leaders in testing and improving upon existing FUE technology.

In 2011, Dr. Umar published an article in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, entitled Hair Transplantation in Patients With Inadequate Head Donor Supply Using Nonhead Hair.” In it, he discusses the potential of body hair transplant as an ideal solution for the severely bald. His article features three patients who required the use of donor hair from non-head sources, and who experienced great results thanks to his method.

Dr. Umar in surgery using the Dr.UGraft method

Dr. Umar in surgery using the Dr.UGraft method

Dr. Umar performing a graft removal on a patient with his Dr.UGraft FUE machine.

The Study
He used three sample cases in this study: white males, ages 35, 36, and 54, in the advanced stages of androgenetic alopecia. Each of these patients needed body hair transplants for different reasons. Two had scarring from previous surgeries that needed correction, and the last had never attempted surgery. All three patients featured in the article had an 80% long-term graft survival rate after their body hair transplantation.

The most extreme case, the 36-year-old, had undergone multiple botched surgeries, leaving him with a slot formation, linear scars, “pluggy” hair, and other posterior scalp scars. Other transplant surgeons had deemed the patients scars irreversible. Approximately 21,000 non-head grafts plus an additional 1,000 grafts from his scalp restored a natural head of hair to the patient.

The below video profiles his success thanks to Dr. Umar’s technique and expertise.

Dr U - Severe Baldness Restoration by DrUGraft FUE Hair Transplant Using 25,000 Grafts

Managing Patient Expectations When Transplanting Body Hair to Head

Potential patients should know that a location change to the scalp does not change the physiology of body hair. It will not grow substantially longer, nor change in composition, even when transplanted from its original location.

A practiced body hair transplant doctor will know how to maximize the innate characteristics of different body hair sources. If all goes well, new hair usually shows optimal growth around nine months post-surgery and can continue to improve for up to twenty-four months.

As already mentioned, some follicles do not survive re-implantation. It is important that the surgeon mitigates the patient’s expectations with the procedure, while also explaining that hair length and consistency will remain the same after the follicle is moved.

Why Choose Dr.UGraft Body Hair To Head Transplant Services Los Angeles

Dr. Umar gives hope to patients that many other surgeons have turned away. His Dr. UGraft also restores hope in those individuals who have been unable to trust surgeons with their botched hair restorations. Dr. UGraft Body hair transplants allow those that have no donor hair on the scalp and to regain a natural and full head of hair.

Dr. UGraft and its groundbreaking Dr.UPunch innovation not only offer the patient more options for their body hair transplant but also increase the statistics for survival of the follicle after extraction and implantation.

Dr. Umar’s experience and dedication to artistry, further coupled with his excellent track record and dedication to customer satisfaction make him the top surgeon in the field. Patients from all over the world fly to get their body hair transplant completed by Dr. Umar.

Case Examples of Dr.UGraft Body Hair Transplant Results

This section profiles examples of the work that Dr. Umar has completed and the articles that he has published in his groundbreaking techniques and procedures. For a bigger view of Dr.Graft Body hair transplant results visit our patient result gallery

This severely bald patient found a full and natural-looking head of body hair to head transplant with over 12,000 grafts. He feels extremely happy with his results.

The DrUGraft procedure can restore hair to the head in even extreme cases

Severe baldness corrected with body hair to head transplants by Dr. Umar*

The video below further details this patient’s process in hair transplant body hair to head.

Body Follicles Transforms Severely Bald Norwood 7 Patient — Before and After Video

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Dr. UGraft Body Hair to Head Transplant

This case of repairing poor hair surgery outcomes in situations of depletion of traditional head donor supply was shown in the Annals of Plastic Surgery.

The patient below had several botched surgeries, including strip surgeries, temporoparietal-occipital flap surgery, and suffered from “doll’s hair” along the hairline. After getting turned away by most surgeons, this patient sought help from Dr. Umar.  After 36 months and several procedures to repair the work of previous surgeons, the patient finally experienced amazing results.

Hair transplant repair with the DrUGraft BHT

The patient was suffering from poor coverage and multiple scars from botched strip hair surgeries*

The below video chronicles the patient’s restoration procedures using a FUE body hair transplant.

Los Angeles Hair Surgery Disaster Repaired With Dr UGraft FUE Body Hair Transplant Repair

After several failed attempts at hair restoration, this patient’s case was nearly impossible to fix. However an Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction with body…

Dr.UGraft Hairline Refinement Using Leg Hair

The patient had a pluggy, unnatural looking hairline as the result of an inexperienced surgeon. Dr. Umar used leg hair to create a soft and natural-looking hairline.

Transplant body hair to head: Elimination of pluggy look with the DrUGraft method

Leg hair frats improved this patient’s hairline, making the pluggy, doll hair look disappear*

The below video that further describes the body hair to head transplant performed by Dr. Umar.

Body Hair Restoration from Leg Hair: Hair Transplant, Pluggy Hairline Repair – Los Angeles

Learn more about this patient’s case: from traditional transplants tends to impart a harsh straight line appearance because the…

Dr.UGraft Body Hair Transplant and Eyebrow Transplantation

The use of body hair follicles has also opened up another realm of hair restoration: eyebrow transplantation. Hair follicles will retain their original growth and position, even when extracted and implanted into a new site. Thus, head hair becomes impractical for eyebrow transplant, as it will continue to grow to the length typical of head hair. This leaves the recipient frequently trimming the hair to maintain the appropriate length.

The patient showcased below had her eyebrows thickened and improved using body hair transplantation with Dr.UGraft method under the expert guidance of Dr. Umar. Her eyebrows now have perfect fullness and shape.

Groundbreaking innovation: eyebrow hair transplant with the DrUGraft

This is a great example of how a body hair transplant can create natural-looking eyebrows.*


This case exemplifies how BHT produces optimal results. With body hair to head transplantation, follicles can be harvested from the arms, neck, chest or legs to replenish thin eyebrow hair. The hair shorter, finer hair yields beautiful results that require very little maintenance.

Dr.UGraft Eyebrow Restoration Using Leg Hair

This use of leg hair in eyebrow transplantation is the first of its kind as published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

This patient received fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows with Dr. Umar. The Dr. UGraft procedure extracted leg hair and transferred it into his eyebrows. This transplant also gave the patient more confidence and improved the strength of his facial features.

Body hair transplant results: Eyebrow restoration in a male patient

Before and after the patient underwent a BHT FUE implanting follicles grafted from the leg into his eyebrows*


The video below chronicles the experience of the patient and includes interviews with the patient before and after the procedure. He felt very satisfied with his body hair transplant.

Eyebrow Transplant; Leg to Body hair transplant for eyebrow restoration – Before and after

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Dr. UGraft Eyelash Restoration Using Leg Hair

This use of leg hair in eyelash restoration is the first of its kind as published by the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal.

This patient came in desiring more full and long eyelashes. Dr. Umar grafted hair from her legs and transplanted into her eyelids, making them appear longer, fuller, and softer. This procedure did not require perming; only minor trimming to keep the eyelashes uniform along the eyelid.

Striking results of Dr UGraft eyelash FUE body hair transplant

Eyelash transplant with Dr. UGraft performed by Dr. Umar.*


The video below offers an in-depth look at the process used by Dr. Umar to give this patient gorgeous lashes. It also contains an interview with the patient about her experience.

Los Angeles Best Eyelash Transplant Using Dr UGraft Advanced FUE with Body Hair Transplant

Dr. Umar performed an amazing eyelash transplant. The patient seen here is perhaps one of the first people to have leg hair follicles used. These results hel…

Body Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions:

This body hair to head transplant by FUE procedure seems amazing. Why aren’t other doctors using Dr.UGraft procedure?

Dr.UGraft FUE is a relatively new procedure within the medical community, and few surgeons have the proper equipment as well as the necessary skill or experience needed to ensure a successful transplant. Furthermore, Dr.UGraft procedure was developed and patented by Dr. Umar himself and he operates it exclusively at his personal practice. For more information, you can request a free consultation with Dr Umar.

How much does a Dr. UGraft FUE body hair transplant cost?

Body hair transplant to head cost varies from patient to patient, depending on the number of grafts needed to restore hair, and on the area being treated. Dr. Umar can develop a treatment plan unique to each patient, taking into account financial constraints.

I’ve heard other hair surgeries can have terrible complications and require a considerable amount of healing time. How long does it take for a patient to recover from Dr.UGraft BHT FUE?

Recovery time does vary to some degree from patient to patient. Because of the non-invasive nature of Dr.UGraft method, however, patients can immediately resume day-to-day life after surgery. Wounds scab over and slough off within a week, and in general, most patients heal from the procedure within about a month’s time. Full results can take up to a year to show. Furthermore, to avoid complications, Dr. Umar sometimes recommends more than one session with Dr.UGraft procedure, spaced up to a year apart to ensure optimal healing time and best results.

Does body hair transplant work? Can body hair be transplanted on the head?

Yes! One of the greatest achievements of Dr. UGraft is its incredible ability to transplant hair anywhere on the body. This vastly expands the donor area for patients, allowing for hair restoration in even extreme cases of hair loss.


There are many possible applications for a body hair transplant with the Dr. U Hair Clinic. To learn more, you can use the Ask Dr. U button to send any questions you may have to the doctor himself:



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